NEW Kindergarten Groups

New Kindergarten groups can start at any time.

Our new group courses start in April 2023:

We will be starting our next Group courses in Ratingen, Hegel Str. 16,

on Friday 21st April 2023 starting at 14:30 

It will run for 8 lessons, each of 45 mins. This is a course for kindergarten children ages 3-6 years and will be fun way for your child to learn English. To register your child for this course please send me an email with all your childs details.

Please be aware that the course selection is depending on the official pick-up-time of your cildren.


For Kindergartens: Mo - Fr 8:30 - 15:00 (only partly still available)

Group lessons (from 4 children): Friday: 14:30 - 15:15

Private / sibling lessons: call to arrange a time

Hourly structure:

Kindergarten groups, I will join the kindergarten group for 45 mins - 3 hrs and talk English the whole time. Your children will learn everyday English words as well as an understanding for the English language.

Group lessons always consist of a repetition section and then the new learning section and also lots of songs, fingerplays and games.

Your children will learn for example numbers, colours, names of foods, animals and much more, with also a general knowledge of how to use the English language in daily situations, in a playful and fun way.

The classes will be taught in English so the children get the natural feeling for the English language, but don't worry German can and will be spoken whenever it is needed, as the well being of the child is most important to us.


Group lessons : 8,05€ per child/per lesson

Conversationcafe : 8,50€ per person/per lesson

Private / sibling lessons : 20€ per person/per lesson (30 mins)

: 30€ per person/per lesson (45 mins)

from the 3 child only an extra 10€ each


How big are the groups?

  • The size of the group will range from 4-12 children.
How do I arrange an English course for my childs kindergarten?
  • That is easy, you just need talk to the director of your kindergarten who can contact me directly, or we could organise it together and then present the package to your kindergarten. You can contact me through
Where are the private or sibling lessons held?
  • For private or sibling lessons I will come to you at home or we can meet in the church at Hegelstr. 16 Ratingen.
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